15 DECEMBER 2016

Let’s help Lyuba!

Name: Pechenyuk, Lyuba

Date of birth: 11th of August, 2003

Place of residence: Moscow

Diagnosis: Diffuse left temporal lobe tumour, symptomatic epilepsy.

Lyuba likes to draw and to design appliqués—she loves all things beautiful. Her biggest dream is for her loved ones to be well, and live long and happy lives together. Lyuba has a big brother, Oleg, who is 30, and a big sister, Galya, who is 34. Lyuba was a long-awaited child, born to Ekaterina and Sergei when they were both over 40.

Lyuba has been ill for most of her life (10 of 13 years). She is suffering from a diffuse brain tumour, which means it has no clear boundaries and can’t be surgically removed. Unfortunately, some parts of the tumour cause epileptic seizures. These seizures can’t be prevented or alleviated with medicines. Removing the parts of the tumour that trigger them is the only way to cure Lyuba’s epilepsy. Doctors in Moscow would perform the operation, but first they have to establish exactly where the parts are. Because the tumour also borders the hypothalamus, Lyuba is gaining weight, and there’s no way of controlling this process either. Her large weight means she can’t undergo lengthy surgeries—her heart simply wouldn’t be able to take it. That means the doctors have to be quick and precise.

To achieve this, they need invasive diagnostics. The procedure involves an operation where electrodes are placed on the cerebral cortex and an EEG scan is taken. This is the only way to identify the triggering parts of the tumour with certainty. This diagnostic technique isn’t available in Russia right now, but the specialists of the University Hospital Bonn, in Germany, are prepared to carry it out.

Lyuba has already been through the preliminary examination. Now she needs £40,000 for the chance to become healthy again. During the Mad Tea Party event, we were able to gather £25,000. The remaining £15,000 needs to be collected as soon as possible. This is an enormous sum for her family, so we are turning to you for aid. Help Lyuba overcome this grueling trial.

Let’s help Lyuba together