The Gift of Life foundation has begun raising donations to pay for surgery for 12-year-old Angelina from Rostov Oblast.

Angelina is a top student and lover of handicrafts. She enjoys studying and creative hobbies, such as weaving beads and drawing. She has won various art competitions on multiple occasions. She has even invented a new form of painting which she calls Volgodonsk-style, after the town of Volgodonsk in South Russia, where she lives with her mother, father and little brother.

Angelina has never been a particularly healthy girl. For a long time, she suffered from problems with her pancreas, but doctors insisted that she would grow out of them. Unfortunately, disaster struck from an unexpected quarter. In May 2014, Angelina tripped while running in PE class, and badly bruised her knee. Since that was nothing unusual, for a long time no one worried about her aching leg.

When, after a few weeks, her mother decided to take her to see the doctor anyway, he prescribed warming the leg in a hot bath, and applying bruise creams. But nothing helped. Worse, Angelina’s condition kept deteriorating. At night, she was in so much pain that she screamed and wept. After a great deal of effort, her parents managed to get her an MRI scan at the Oblast hospital, and only then did the doctors see a large tumour in her left tibia. They advised the parents to take Angelina to Moscow without delay, as they themselves had no experience with treating such tumours.

In August 2014, Angelina had the tumour removed at the Moscow Centre for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, and received the treatment she needed.  She began to recover, and gradually start using her leg again. But not even a year later, it began to ache again. Another series of tests in Moscow indicated a relapse – a newly-growing tumour. Angelina needed new surgery, and Russian doctors couldn’t be confident that she would keep her leg. This is why they decided to call for help from a prominent German oncologist, Dr Ingo Melcher.

The Centre for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology has long been developing contacts with foreign specialists as part of the International Cooperation Project, funded by the Gift of Life foundation. Dr Melcher, supervisor of Berlin’s Charité Campus Virchow clinic for skeleto-muscular tumours, is a leading world specialist in surgical treatment for particularly difficult tumours of the spine and skeletal system. He provides aid in the most complex and serious cases, and just this year he has operated on 14 patients of the Centre for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology.

It will cost £4,000 to pay for the operation. We will be sure to inform you how much we’ve gathered, and if we receive excess donations, they will be used to pay for similar surgery for other children.

08.10.2015 Funds for Angelina has been raised! Many thanks to everyone who helped! Taking in account Gift Aid, we have enough to cover the cost of her operation. Dr Melcher performed surgery on Angelina. Everything went well, and she was sent home in good condition, due to come back to Moscow in November for another round of tests. There is a long rehabilitation period still to come, but doctors believe that Angelina has excellent odds of recovery!