22 MARCH 2014

Katie Melua visited children with cancer under care of Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn foundations.

On the 22d of March famous British singer and patron of our foundation Katie Melua visited children with cancer under care of Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn foundations at Federal Research and Clinical Centre. Katie says she dreamed to meet our little patients for a long time. Year and a half ago, after meeting with Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun, singer was very inspired by the idea of helping children with cancer and is now helping Gift of life. She is taking part in our annual charity galas, where we raise funds for foreign drugs for Russian children with cancer. And of course the day before his first concert in Russia, Katie came to FRCC.
Katie performed her most famous hits, including song that was specially mentioned by the British Queen. Her meeting with the Queen became one of the most discussed topics. Teens wondered how at a tender age of 19 Katie managed to win over so many music fans and get to the reception at the Buckingham Palace as one of the best British musicians. Katie admitted she had no idea how to behave on such formal occasions and managed to break almost very rule in the book. After funny story about Katie’s adventures in the palace children stopped being shy and flooded Katie with all sorts of questions, from favourite animals to musical tastes and even the relationship with her husband, a motorcyclist.
Both children and Katie were delighted by the meeting. Singer was particularly impressed by the Centre and Haematology named after Dima Rogachev: “I have often been to British clinics with visits, and I can say with certainty that FRCC is a super modern and beautiful hospital. I am very pleased that the children in Russia can be treated in such hospitals, that’s great! “.
On the 23d of March, Katie gives her first and only concert in Russia in the Crocus City Hall” She has donated 100 tickets to children under our care, there will also be cash boxes for donations at the venue.