03 MAY 2012

Ilnur Karimov needs your help!

Ilnur Karimov is a talented 14-year old with a passion for physics and mathematics. He has frequently participated in competitions, never missed a related extra-curricular activity at school, and still found time to explore the outdoors with his best friend, whether on bicycles or by delving into the depths of the local forests. Ilnur also loves drawing, playing computer games and (believe it or not) helping his mother around the house.

None of that matters right now, because Ilnur is in hospital with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His life has been put on hold while his parents and relatives desperately gather money to fund his treatment.

Unfortunately, Ilnur needs Erwinase, a medicine that can’t be bought inRussia, and is very expensive elsewhere. Ilnur’s parents are endlessly loving and supportive, but they are far from wealthy. Even if they could somehow find the money for the necessary 15 packages of Erwinase, they certainly won’t be able to afford it once prices nearly double in June.

This is where you come in. With your help, we can get Ilnur the medicine he needs. And if you act now, we will be able to make sure that your donation buys as much medicine as possible before the price hike, for Ilnur and all the other children who share his desperate circumstances.

Ilnur wants to grow up to become a fireman. But that’s not his biggest dream. His biggest dream, quite simply, is “to get better”. Together, it is a dream we can make real.