24 MAY 2011

Gift of Life in the United Kingdom

In 2011, Gift of Life (the English counterpart of Russia’s Podari Zhizn) started to operate in the United Kingdom. Gift of Life UKwas registered in Londonon March 2. Its mission is to raise funds for the benefit of children with cancer who receive care from Podari Zhizn.

Russian actress Dina Korzun, a co-founder of Podari Zhizn who lives with her family in London, actively participates in the life of the new foundation. The Board of Trustees of Gift of Life includes both British citizens and Russian residents of theUK.

There are a number of reasons why the foundation expanded to theUK. Firstly, patients who receive aid from Podari Zhizn regularly need Erwinase, a UK-manufactured medication which Podari Zhizn buys directly at the source since it cannot be bought inRussia. It is much more efficient to raise funds for Erwinase in theUKand not to transfer money from one country to another.

Another reason for creating a charitable foundation in theUKis the existence of tax benefits for both givers and recipients of donations. The Gift Aid system increases donations made byUKtaxpayers by 25%.

In addition, we hope that the charitable donations raised by Gift of LifeUKwill also be used to pay for bone marrow donors search and graft harvesting for Russian patients. There is no bone marrow register of unrelated donors inRussia, and thus we have to look for unrelated donors in international registers. The average cost of an unrelated bone marrow donor search is about £12,000, and it would be highly desirable to raise funds for it inEurope.

We sincerely hope that Gift of LifeUKwill help us to raise the money and help doctors to save children’s lives.

We are wholeheartedly grateful to our British friends and our compatriots living in theUKfor their help in the creation of the Gift of Life charitable foundation. Now our children have a reliable friend in theUnited Kingdom!