30 MAY 2012

Gift of Life conducts ProSvet (About Light) children’s art exhibition

The Gift of Life foundation has conducted the ProSvet (About Light) children’s art exhibition at Sotheby’s in London.

The ProSvet (About Light) charity exhibition has taken place at the Sotheby’s auction house on May 26-28. The exhibition showcased the art of the Russian Podari Zhizn foundation’s child beneficiaries, and was timed to precede International Children’s Day. It was organised by the Gift of Life foundation, Podari Zhizn’s UK sister organisation, with the financial support of Troika Dialog.

The exhibition’s time and place were no coincidence – this is when Sotheby’s conducts its Russian fairs, attended by the greatest collectors and art experts from around the world. Thus, Gift of Life received the perfect opportunity to tell them about the foundation’s activities in Russia and the UK. Though adjacent galleries contained the works of great Russian masters, including the likes of Vrubel, Kandinsky, Surikov and Malevich, the children’s works elicited genuine interest from the visitors.

All of the works on display had been selected by Sotheby’s experts. The children’s paintings are very bright and life-affirming; all of them touch on the theme of light, a symbol of hope and joy.

All donations collected during the exhibition will be used for children’s medical treatment, as well as for Podari Zhizn’s rehabilitation programme, which allows children who have overcome disease to regain faith in their abilities and return to normal life. The programme includes creative activities in hospitals (often as important to rehabilitation as treatment itself), and trips to children’s rehabilitation camps in Ireland, Germany and Russia.