You can become a fundraiser – someone who attracts money to charities. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You can be a champion of our cause and spread the word of the work we do. You can raise funds by organising events with your friends and family, in your school, university or work place. Don’t be afraid to raise a little – a large amount consists of small contributions of many people.


  • Just tell your family, friends and colleagues about Gift of Life to encourage contributions to our work.
  • You can organise your own event and raise money from your peers.

Please remember that you cannot ask for money as an employee of Gift of Life or on behalf of the charity. You can raise money as an individual, supporting the work of Gift of Life.

Before you start fundraising, please check Gift of Life Fundraiser Kit and get in touch with us to:

  1. get advice on registering your campaign, preps and arrangements for your event.
  2. get confirmation that your event is held in aid of Gift of Life if someone inquires.
  3. request a report on where your money went.


  1. Instead of receiving presents when celebrating your birthday, name day or even wedding you could organise a collection of donations for Gift of Life.
  2. Invite your friends and family for a dinner party and ask them to pay a small fee towards a collection you will be making for Gift of Live. You could look on our website where we publish the photos of the children in need of treatment, Choose a child you will be supporting and share her/ his story with your guests.
  3. Set up a personal challenge such as: learn to drive a car, loose weight, participate in the marathon, grow a mustache or shave your beard and raise money for Gif of Life. Ask your friends to sponsor your effort by donating money and filling in your sponsorship form.
  4. Ask your company to allow a dress down day in aid of Gift of Life. You and your colleagues will come dressed in jeans on the chosen day. You all pay a fee and raise money for the charity.