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28 NOVEMBER 2014

Podari Zhizn Foundation celebrated its 8th birthday on the 26th November!

Podari Zhizn Foundation celebrated its 8th birthday on the 26th November! Over the 8 years, the foundation has achieved a great deal – it built Eastern Europe's biggest centre for paediatric haematology in Moscow, created a database of unpaid donors ready to donate blood at short notice and most importantly helped over...

29 OCTOBER 2014

Mad Tea Party

Podari Zhizn foundation is celebrating its 8th birthday on the 26th of November! To mark the occasion, the charity is calling on its supporters to organise fundraising Mad Hatters Tea Parties - and where better to drink tea than in England? So, on the 26th of November, gather your friends,...

02 JUNE 2014

Songs that save lives

On the 31st of May “The Time Machine” held a grand concert, dedicated to its 45th anniversary in Luzhniki, Moscow. There was no entrance fee, but everybody could make a donation. All proceeds from the event - around 23,000 pounds - will go to Russian children with cancer under the...

28 APRIL 2014

Little Oleg Needs Your Help!

Dear friends, we are seeking your help on behalf of the parents of two-year-old Oleg Chudnoi from Maykop. He has blood cancer, and right now he needs 9 packs of Erwinase. With your help, we hope to raise the £27,000 needed to buy this medicine. From his earliest childhood, Oleg’s...

21 MARCH 2014

London Marathon 2014. Igor Khavlin.

Spring is the season of sports for charity and in various countries volunteers plan to run marathons to benefit Gift of Life! One of the stories is so unique and touching that we want to share it with you! On 13th of April, multiple-time champion of Russia, participant of the...

14 MARCH 2014

Matvey Nekrasov

Dear friends, thanks to your support, we were able to buy 10 packs of Erwinase for Matvey Nekrasov, who suffered from leukaemia since he was 5 years old. Now he is 8, fully recovered and back in native northern town of Koryazhma, where he can do what he likes most...

13 JANUARY 2014

A charity play in London starring Chulpan Khamatova has gathered £25,000 in aid of children with oncological and haematological diseases in the care of the Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn foundations.

On the 12th of January 2014, the Criterion Theatre, London, saw a charity performance of The Hour When You Leap Into Souls As Into Arms, starring Chulpan Khamatova in the lead role. The theatre was filled to capacity, with an audience of over 500, including the actress and co-founder of...

Looking Back on 2013

Dear friends, As we bid 2013 farewell, we would like to tell you what we’ve been able to accomplish in it thanks to your help, which is to say a great deal. As per tradition, the year began with a charity evening and auction, during which we gathered £330,000 in...