25 AUGUST 2011

Beauty against leukaemia!

It is hard to imagine that hairdressing can have something in common with treatment for child cancer. But Toni Rizzo, a well-known Italian top stylist, has been hosting the grand Alternative Hair Show for the last 29 years and donating all the money thus raised for the struggle against leukaemia.

Over these 29 years, a total of £8,000,000 has been raised during these unusual hair shows and then used to fight leukaemia. Toni’s little son died of this disease, and ever since then Toni has been organizing the Alternative Hair Shows and inviting famous stylists from all over the world to participate in it.

This year the Alternative Hair Show will be held in Russia. Part of the donations will be granted to the Gift of Life charitable foundation in order to treat its patients and develop international educational programs for Russian medical personnel.

Leading world stylists will demonstrate their brilliant skills and luxuriant fantasy in Moscow on September 28. This event in Russia was organized by top stylist Dmitry Vinokurov. Inspired by similar shows abroad, he decided to make something like them in our country.

This August, Dmitry and Toni visited the Department of Oncohaematology at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital in Moscow and organized a wonderful festival with clowns and fairy tales for the patients of this department.

It is wonderful that people dealing with beauty in this world are not indifferent to other people’s troubles.