23 DECEMBER 2015


Dear friends,

2015 is coming to an end, and in accordance with tradition, it’s time for us to reflect on its events.

Thanks to your generous support, this year we’ve been able to expand our activities and pay for the necessary medicine and treatment for 57 children. To compare, last year we were able to help 42 young patients of Russian clinics. We’ve spent £437,175 on purchasing Erwinase and Adcetris, medicines not registered in Russia.

Thanks to your support, this year life-saving courses of treatment have been provided to Myalkhazni Abdulayeva, David Rudenko, Oxana Yermakova, Angelina Gogoleva, Anna Yudina, Alexandra Omelchenko, Mikhail Nemetskov, Polina Pavlova, Andrei Fomin, Svetlana Nazarova, Anna Chervinchuk, Alexei Baranov, Vladislav Rodionov and Nikita Kopylenko.

For several years now, Gift of Life has been inviting foreign specialists to Russia to perform surgeries at the Federal Centre for Paediatric Haematology in Moscow as part of the foundation’s International Cooperation Project. This has allowed us to not only save money and offer children the best possible treatments, but also to give foreign doctors the opportunity to share their experience with their Russian colleagues. This year, Profs Ingo Mecher and Ulrich Tomale from Germany have operated on 22 of the Centre’s patients: Tikhon Knyazev, Marina Zyuzina, Patimat Shakhbanova, Alexei Terendin, Sofia Kolerova, Darya Khirina, Sergei Alenichev, Alyona Zaitseva, Artyom Trofimov, Nelli Tsoy, Yegor Kuznetsov, Ovanes Grigoryan, Ivan Yanitsky, Anastasia Matrosova, Oleg Semenyuk, Valery Mashchenko, Angelina Shpitalnaya, Vladimir Shmakov, Dmitry Antipov, Artyom Ozerov and Darya Shestopalova. In total, the operations cost £52,529.

This year, we have also helped several children receive treatment beyond Russia’s borders, at a cost of £32,793. With your help, we sent 15-year-old Turpal-Ali Turluyev from Chechnya to receive complex surgery in Germany, and continued to support Irina Shumova from Moscow Oblast with her treatment in Israel.

All of this has been made possible only thanks to your help! Thank you to everyone who took part in our charity events, to everyone who organised their own fundraisers for Gift of Life’s young charges using Justgiving, and to everyone who responded to our requests in letters and social networks, who simply donated via bank transfer or our website, who shared our news or worked as a volunteer. Only together can we make sure that the children receive the treatment they need, and that the doctors can give it.

Thank you very much for your support! We wish you great happiness and perfect health in 2016!

The Gift of Life Team